LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Bianca O'Neill December 01 2015

Bianca O'NeillBianca O'Neill

Today Limedrop had the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous and talented, Bianca O'Neill! Check out her work at and read her weekly column over at the Fashion Journal.

Who you are? What do you do/ believe in? I'm Bianca and I run a pop culture website and monthly online magazine called Alphabet Pony. It's named after the Kills song, which is awesome. I am also a weekly columnist with Fashion Journal - my column is called 'The Fashion Outsider' and it basically just takes the piss out of silly, serious things in fashion. Like bloggers who refuse to put their arms in their arm holes. LOL.

 What are your top two tips for starting your own magazine? Unless you have financial backing, I'd recommend trying it out online first. It costs nothing - there are plenty of free tools that allow you to upload a PDF and they spit out an embed code. However, if you're going to go online, you have to build a great database of subscribers that want to read your magazine every week - otherwise what's all that work for?

What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? I was just given an Apple Watch to try out. I can answer calls on it, like the Jetsons or sci fi movies from the 80s. That's pretty cool. But then again, it fat shames me a lot by telling me that I haven't stood up in over an hour, so there's a bit of love / hate going on there.