Two Sourced

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Lola & Emily, two of the designers showcased in our December Shop-in-Shop residency. Find out their tips on creative collaboration and see more of their work on the Two Sourced website.

Who you are? What do you do/ believe in? Two Sourced is a collaboration between two friends Lola and Emily. Combining our experience in Architecture and Visual Merchandising, we created a brand that reflects our minimal approach to design.  

 What are your top two tips for collaborating with friends? It is really important to listen to each other and understand the other persons point of view.

Make sure you have clear and agreed upon roles/tasks/responsibilities within the business and also before major events/tasks- it makes a huge difference!

What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? We never really imagined ourselves considering collaborations with other exciting brands and also being in the position to expand and grow our current range.

We still get excited by being able to treat ourselves to coffee on the company "credit" card so it's safe to say it's still early days for us and every event we are part of, opens us up to new ideas, problems, decisions- it's all part of the fun and experience.