Limedrop had the pleasure of speaking to the two colourful creatives behind Home-Work! See what the inspiring duo had to say.
Who are you and what do you do?
We are Home-Work aka Jess Wright and Lara Davies. We design and print textiles, we also teach screen printing workshops and host a bunch of textiles workshops from our studio. 
What are your top tips for creating designs that work?
Our top tips for creating designs that work are: 
  • We always start from original drawings or photographs to make our designs unique. 
  • We consider what our look is and try to keep the essence consistent across ranges . 
  • We recommend taking risks, some of our favourite prints have been our most mental ideas! 
  • As well run your ideas past friends, family and people who are around you. There will often be a universal response to a design that you might not have given much attention to!
What did you thing was impossible and is now possible? 
    Being able to do what we love every day. It has taken many years of blood, sweat and tears but we truly love what we do every day.