LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Savannah Anand-Sobti November 11 2015

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing writer and all round creative, Savannah Anand-Sobti. 

Who you are? What do you do/ believe in? I'm Savannah Anand-Sobti, the Creative Director and Founder of Ladies of Leisure. As well as LOL, I also write and style every once and a while. I believe in constantly striving to find your perfect sense of equilibrium, with all the things that are important and make your life full. Things such as, friends and family; work and feeling a sense of accomplishment; downtime and your wellbeing. It goes for everyone in any stage of their life and career.

What are your top two tips for creative gals? 1. Collaborate - If you find the actual starting or finishing phase of a project tricky, I find getting getting someone else on board gets the job done. I think you really grow from working with others. You learn to speak your mind as well as take on other people's ideas. It's also a great way of making likeminded creative friends that you can give and get advice from. 2. Be both flexible and inflexible. Only take on projects that are true to your ethos, stick to your guns but take on advice, criticism and be prepared for things to change from what you originally had in mind as the project evolves.

What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? When I first initially started LOL I wanted it to be a platform for my friends because I felt it was so tricky getting that first step up. Now I'm so extremely grateful and happy knowing that we can profile amazing gals and have it reach a audience.

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Photography Credits

1: Photography by Nadeemy Betros Styling by Practice Studio Practice via Broadsheet

2: Photography by Ingrid Kesa via Home Girl Zine