LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Lara Ivachev January 30 2015

Today Limedrop had the pleasure of speaking to founder and designer of the super kawaii label, EAT ME DO, Lara Ivachev. Who you are? What do you do/ believe in? My name is Lara Ivachev and I am a food loving, kawaii adoring, bubbly fashion and jewellery designer from Melbourne. I believe in having childish fun and having a playful approach to fashion and design. What your top two tips in designing a collection? My top tip would be to create something from your wildest childish fantasies and make them a realty. Mine just happen to be foodie inspired accessories and clothes. What is something that you thought was impossible that is now possible? I never thought I’d actually have my own clothing line and have people smile every time they see my designs.