LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Ally Macrae January 09 2015

Today Limedrop had the pleasure of speaking to buyer and founder of the online store, Shop Kinobi, Ally Macrae. Who you are? What do you do/ believe in? My name is Ally. I run a multi-brand online shop called Kinobi and work part-time as an accessories product developer and shopgirl. I do a lot of yoga, eating dark chocolate, drinking tea. I believe in spending money and time wisely, choosing things that have been made with care, craft and consideration, things for everyday life. What your top two tips in choosing pieces online that suits you? Trust your instincts when browsing but then take a moment and read the descriptions in full, look at the images closely to see the fabric, the cut, the details so you know what you are really getting. Think about where it comes from, how it has been made, what you like about it and will use it for. If you are unsure, think about it overnight and if it stays on your mind go for it. Buy from stores that have flexible return policies in case it all goes wrong. What is something that you thought was impossible that is now possible? Becoming the first and only Australian stockist for some designers I've admired for a really long time (that I will be introducing to the shop early next year!) like Jesse Kamm, Shaina Mote, Correll Correll and more. Keeping somewhat up to date with my favourite TV shows in the evenings after long days running around town heavy laden with clothes and ceramics! And discovering just how quickly I can carry my entire inventory from an illegally parked car into Limedrop (25 minutes) without getting a fine.