LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Kitiya Palaskas June 12 2014

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with colourful crafter Kitiya Palaskas, we think her work is simply splendid! Q&A with Kitiya Palakas. Who are you? What do you do/ believe in? My name is Kit and I'm a craft-based designer. I believe in always embracing colour, wearing patterns on patterns, never forgetting to be playful even when you're an adult, working super hard, and always staying true to who you are. What are your top two tips for getting creative? 1. Turn your computer off and look for inspiration in things found in every day life - for me these it's old op-shop books, street art, beautiful flowers, intricate pastries, and people's outfits to name a few. I also look for colours, textures, shapes and patterns everywhere I go and document everything on my camera. 2. Create the ultimate studio soundtrack! My playlist includes anything/everything by Fleetwood Mac, old tropical calypso tunes, and lots and lots of 90s RnB. What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? That I could make a living from doing craft! Sometimes I'll be in my studio, doing something so random - like sewing a life-size silver unicorn head - and I'll have to stop for a second because my mind is being blown that this is my job. I feel lucky that I had the chance to try my hand at being what I wanna be and doing what I wanna do. Not everyone in this world gets that chance so I am very grateful. Also, THE INTERNET! Once I heard my grandma say it was "magic" and I would have to wholeheartedly agree with her there, because it is amazing. Check out Kit's work here