LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Andrzej Nowicki June 08 2014


Today, Limedrop had the pleasure of speaking with Andrzej Nowicki. Q&A with Andrzej Nowicki. Who are you/what do you do? I am Andrzei, a collage artist and drawing teacher, I run the grey eye society which is a drawing club were wine appreciation is matched with drawing lessons. I try to enlist all of my students senses to help them learn about drawing and wine topics which I feel are individually hard to tackle but in partnership become easier to comprehend. What do you believe in? I believe that the world can be understood through one's intuitions and everything does not need to be labelled or counted in order for it to be understood...this is probably why I barely made it through school. What are your top two tips for drawing and or drinking? For drawing, sketch alot, don't erase and treat your sketches as quick visual hits of information. Draw quickly rather then labour on one sketch for a huge amount of time. Instead of making too many corrections jump to a new page and make a new sketch. Always look at your sketches the nest day and memorize what you think you could have improved, remember these thoughts when you draw again and you will improve. In drinking wine well if you are a beginner and you don't know what to pick at the store first find a bottle that has a great label, the people who make the wine have a voice in the work that goes into the label and if you like their label choices then its very likely that you will like their wine making. What is something that you thought was impossible and is now possible?  I have always struggled with learning and I think that through becoming a teacher I have become a better a better learner.

Photos by Heather Lighton. Check out Andrej Nowicki's website: