LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Alexandra Kovac May 29 2014


Today, Limedrop had the pleasuring of speaking with Alexandra Kovac the Industrial designer / Fashion designer / and other stuff.  Q&A with Alexandra Kovac. Who you are? What do you do/ believe in? Most days- I am a product design engineer. People come into my work with crazy ideas (and money) and we make their ideas into products for them. The other days- I run a fashion label called Oracles...mainly for the love of it. The afternoons- I like to run a lot. So i go for nice long runs in the afternoons to clear my head. The night times- I am in a DJ duo called Rainbow Connection. We do DJ sets around the place, or hang out and prepare for the next DJ set and eat pizza. I believe in Cats and rainbows. My two lifelong loves. What are you two top marathon tips? 1. Being hung over isn't an excuse to not go running. It actually makes you feel so much better when you do! 2. If you don't feel like running, just put you running clothes on and everything kinda falls into place from there. What is now possible that you never thought possible? Things don't just become a success in a week...I didn't know how things were going to turn out starting a label whilst still working full time, but slowly, slowly, success will gradually creep up on you if you stick it out! One day you're making clothes for yourself in your bedroom, and in a year or two you see someone wearing your label on the street- I never thought i'd see the day, but it happens! Check out her website: