Today, Limedrop had the pleasure of speaking with Jo Duck- The inspiring and talented Photographer. Q&A with Jo Duck. Who you are? What you do/believe in? I am Jo Duck, a photographer with a funny name. I love taking pieces of inspiration from all over the shop then mix it all together to make editorial fashion shoots. Inspirations range from UFO's to Dolly Parton. What are your top twp tips in taking a good snap? If you're taking a picture, pay attention to the direction of the light! No one will mind spinning around into the nicer light once they see what a difference it makes in the picture. If your getting your picture taken- try not to go into default peace sign (I'm guilty of this too) and the angles you think are most flattering. Just let your lovely face be your lovely face! Looking back on the pictures later you'll roll your eyes much less if you take this advice. What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? I have a small back rectangle which I keep in my pocket. I can consult this small black rectangle if I want to know what year Mariah Carey was born (although there are some discrepancies according to Wikipedia) or if I want to book a flight. Instantly. Also dry shampoo! in a can! I'll never wash my hair again. Check out her website: