LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Cheryl Lin May 28 2014


Today, Limedrop had the pleasure of speaking with the bubbly Cheryl Lin- blogger and author of The Little Black Dress Project. She's a talented lady full of energy and great tips. Q&A with Cherly Lin. Who you are? What do you do/believe in? I am Cheryl Lin Rodsted. Street style photographer, stylist and writer. I believe in being independent and resourceful to get things done but also in showing vulnerability - because we are all human and it's futile to pretend that we're not. Unless I'm feeling down in which case I believe in the saying, "fake it 'til you make it!"  What are your top two tips for choosing great business wear? Only two?! Appropriate for your line of work and that makes you feel great (i.e professional and fabulous)- see what I did there? :) What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? Crowdfunding. I remember that back in the day I'd sit around with friends and talk about our ideas for things we'd like to do, 'If only we had money'. Now with crowdfunding we can pop those ideas up online and see if anyone else like the idea enough to invest in it- and if the idea catches on, we can go make out big idea happen! I always had a dream of one day writing a book and I still pinch myself that I was able to use crowdfunding platform, Pozible, to raise the funds I needed to self-publish my book, The Little Black Dress Project, that shows 52 different way of styling a Little Black Dress for work. If anyone else has an idea (big or small) that they want to test to see whether it has legs -try crowdfunding!

Buy her book: The Little Black Dress Project hereCheck out her blog