LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Carl Reeves May 27 2014

Limedrop spoke with Carl Reeves one of the most sought after hair session stylists working across fashion, music, television and magazines, based all around the globe.  Q&A with Carl Reeves. What do you do/ believe in? I brush hairs all over the world and a firm Chuck Norris supporter. I believe in integrity and always being true to my self. We have 1 life its important to live it everyday!! What your top two tips for choosing great quality shoes?How fast you can run in them and the window test. If you can throw them from a 4 storey building you know they are great!! What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible?Traveling though time! As with out being able to do this we will lose this beautiful planet!! And making the best protein balls in the world!!  Find out more here: