LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Maryanne Moodie May 27 2014

Today, Limedrop has the pleasure of speaking with Maryanna Moodie who took up weaving in 2010 as a creative outlet. She has completed commissions, collections and projects for commercial and private clients, drawing from her background in art, styling, teaching, fashion and costume. Her woven tapestries reference contemporary art, couture, architecture and her nostalgia of days gone by with new and surprising results. In 2013, she relocated her studio from Melbourne to New York. Q&A with Maryanne Moodie. What do you do/believe in? I am a weaver. In a world of disposable everything, I believe in creating pieces to be treasured and kept. What are your top two tips in juggling a young family and work? 1.Many hands make light work- Do what you love, then create a community of people around you who also love it. Then it will all fall into place. 2.If you work from home, be sure to block out things to do that take you away from your work for certain times- i.e park, cooking walks. It create a sense of balance and allows you to feel refreshed every time you come back to the work space. What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible? I think I have always had the type of personality that thinks that everything IS possible. Nothing has ever seemed out of reach for me. I know that some things take extra thought, work or love, but in the end, its all just waiting for you.

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