LIMEDROP INTERVIEW: Tiffany Newman May 27 2014

Today, we spoke with Tiffany Newman the creator of blog Divine Wanderer, Creative Director of Digital Fashion agency Divine Creative and the Social Media Manager at We Are Handsome Swimwear. Q&A with Tiffany Newman. What do you do/ believe in? I believe in creativity, intellect, innovation and integrity. I rely on these core concepts to underpin my professional and personal character. Surrounding myself with creative people who are not just dreamers but thinkers and intellectuals, reminds me that if you want to succeed, hard work, honesty and integrity are key. Instant fame is simply for those seeking approval of wider society, recognition for hard work only reiterates your own self worth and value. What your top two tips in creating content? Consistency and Quality. Be consistent in what you are putting out to the public. Posting images, statuses and tweets that don’t fundamentally represent your brand can often be the downfall of many. Represent who you are as a brand or label. Always produce quality images (nobody likes an ugly insta), interesting topics and engage your audience when appropriate. People love to interact with people. It is human nature. Give them something to interact with. Be inspiring. What is something that you never thought would be possible that is now possible?I never thought that I would be running my own digital agency. What started out as a simple blog about my daily inspirations and adoration for beautiful design turned into a passion for digital media, and here I am. The world is a magnificent and marvelous place. Find out more here: